Lawns & Yards

Lawns & Yards

Please keep your lawns mowed and free of noxious weeds.

Do not throw grass clippings into the streets.

This will be enforced according to the ordinances of the village.

Brush Pile

The Village has a brush pile for citizens to use.

The brush pile is located at the west end of Main Street behind Elevator bins.

Please do not put anything in the pile that is not brush or limbs. Paper, cardboard, plastic bags, furniture, or any items that are not brush are not allowed at the pile.

If you place leaves at the pile in plastic bags, cut open the bags and dump out the leaves, (take home the plastic bags and add them to your trash).

If you are found putting items in the burn pile that are not brush, you will be subject to a fine of up to $500.00.

Yard Waste Removal

The Village of Piper City picks-up yard waste from residential households within the Village of Piper City. Follow the instructions below, and then place your yard waste at the curb on weekend before pick-up. Crews will pick-up the yard waste on the days listed, weather permitting. If you have a large amount of yard waste, or have questions, please contact the city prior to placing materials at the curb.

Instructions for Yard Waste (Non-Grass Clippings)
Place accepted yard waste materials in open containers (no lids, no bags) on the curb (not in the street). You can place large yard waste items, such as tree branches and tall decorative grass trimmings directly in a pile on the curb.

• Plant trimmings
• Tree limbs (branches under 2 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length)
• Ivy
• General garden waste
• Pine needles
• Pumpkins are accepted without decorations, candles, or other foreign objects.
• Christmas trees are accepted without decorations, bags, or other foreign objects.

Not Acceptable Yard Waste:
• Trash/Rubbish
• Food scrap
• Sod
• Dirt
• Rocks
• Snow/Ice
• Deceased animals
• Potted plants; fake plants/flowers; painted or decorated plants/flowers
• Any materials that are not natural